Scuba Dive St Kitts & Nevis

A hobby I enjoy on those rare days off is Scuba Diving. I was lucky enough to have an explore of St Kitts under-water world with a couple of other crew members and it was great.

We dived with a centre called Dive Nevis which funnily enough is based on the island of Nevis just South of St Kitts. You have to get a short water taxi to get there (5-7 mins). We booked for a double tank dive in the afternoon and this cost us each $170.

We boarded the dive boat, named ‘Sea Monkey’ and headed off. To our surprise we actually crossed back over the channel towards St Kitts and ended up doing our dives there. Nevertheless, the guide took us to two great spots, and we were very happy. The first dive spot was ‘Stoney Groove’ The depth here ranged from 15 – 60ft and was a haven for Lobster, Sting rays and great corals. The dive time was 45 minutes.

The second spot was ‘Pelican Cove’ The depth ranged from 10 – 40ft. On the surface we spotted a Turtle but unfortunately by the time we kitted up we had missed it. However, we saw some beautiful coral and rock formations, some more sting rays and plenty of other marine life.

After surfacing and back on the Sea Monkey we all enjoyed a beer and chat about the dives and made our way back over to Nevis. The team at the dive centre were a great laugh and knowledgeable about the area and I would highly recommend for others to dive there with them.

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