Roadtrip California: Islay Creek

Islay Creek Campground
Islay Creek campground was the next stop on our Roadtrip California. Check out our previous post on Big Sur State Park if you missed it here.

Islay Creek Beach

We decided to book ahead for the rest of the trip to avoid anymore wild camping mishaps. So during our stay at Fernwood we went ahead and booked up for the rest of our trip.

Montaña de Oro State Park Islay Creek

The drive to Islay Creek campground is very beautiful taking you off the beaten track away from phone service and civilisation.

Islay Creek Spooner house ranch Islay Creek Montaña de Oro State Park

Our stay here was quite spooky because of the mist which loomed over the area for the entire time. Put this together with a quiet campsite and closed up shops it makes for a perfect location to shoot a horror movie.

Escape Campervans

Islay Creek Campground Rattlesnake Racoon Poison Oak Cooking Escape Campervan

Some top tips for your visit:

  • Firstly take into account that there are no showers on site.
  • Take a walk to the beach.
  • There is lots of hiking opportunities around here so check out the information board for the best ones.
  • Always be careful of racoons inside of garbage bins. Scott found this out for himself when he lifted the lid of a garbage bin to find a hungry racoon waiting inside.

Beach Islay Creek Wild Life sightings

Our conclusion on Islay Creek:

This is a great location if you want something different to the typical California vibe. Islay Creek is isolated away from the busy towns & cities which is great for some chill out time. Furthermore checking into the campground is made easy by a self check in board where you can find your campground number.

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